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Medstaff Alliance

Medstaff Alliance is globally recognized for ethical recruitment, training, and placement of internationally educated nurses across America. Our dedicated team of professionals handles immigration, licensing, credentialing, testing, training, and educational processes, guaranteeing nurses a smooth application process and transition to the United States. 

Benefits and Compensation

Competitive salaries as per the market rate

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

Life and accident insurance

Free flight to the USA to start your assignment

Relocation guide and

Professional liability

401(k) Retirement

Free accommodation post-deployment for one month

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a supportive and empowering environment for our nursing staff, enabling them to deliver exceptional patient care. We are committed to training, recruiting, and retaining the best Internationally educated nurses, ensuring their growth, well-being, and job satisfaction.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to set the standards for excellence in nursing recruitment. We strive to create a culture of inclusivity, respect, and continuous learning, where our nursing team thrives, advances their careers, and contributes to the highest quality of healthcare for our patients and communities.

English Training

Elevate your English language skills to excel in your nursing career journey. Our tailored English language proficiency training is designed to enhance your communication abilities, ensuring you can confidently navigate patient care and excel in exams. Join us to bridge the language gap and set yourself up for success in the healthcare field.

Nclex-RN Training

Master the NCLEX with confidence! Our intensive NCLEX training program is designed to equip aspiring nurses with the essential knowledge and test-taking strategies needed to ace this critical exam. Join us to boost your chances of success and take the next step toward your rewarding nursing career in the USA.

USRN licensing

Registered Nurses in the United States are required to obtain a license to practice legally. State Boards of Nursing oversee the licensure process, and requirements may vary from state to state.Our licensing team takes your hand and guides you step be step to make sure you fulfill all the requirements for a successful nursing career in the United states.

USA immigration

Simplify your journey to the USA with our comprehensive Visa Support Services. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free immigration process as you embark on your nursing career in the United States. Count on us to navigate the complexities and help make your American dream a reality.

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